There are three novels in the U. S. Marshal series. Each covers the life of a different individual as they seek to find themselves and overcome adversity. 



My Little Blue Eyed Girl

My Little Blue Eyed Girl follows the journey of Danny Myers, an 18 year-old, who has survived a distant and ambivalent relationship with his parents and endured profound difficulties socially and in school. In order to find himself, and become the person he yearns to be, Danny sets forth on a trip from his home in Colorado to Southern California.  There, he hopes to find support from his stepsister, Rachel, whom he discovers is in dire straits herself. On his own, he faces one challenge after another.  Through defeats, he learns lessons and connects with his own previously unrecognized areas of strength and courage. He finds love. He learns to defend himself when confronted. And, through a friendship with an older man, gains a mentor and surrogate father. As Danny becomes stronger and more confident, Rachel’s life becomes untenable and he enters her dangerous world in an effort to save her. 

Girl in Flight

Girl in Flight follows the life of Bridget, from her 16th to her 19th year. Bridget’s father was killed in an automobile accident when she was six. What followed was her mother’s rapid decline into depression, drug abuse, and a series of men, culminating in Max, a drug dealer, who exploited her mother and abused Bridget. Her mother dies of an overdose and Bridget is delivered into the hands of Max, who she fears most. She tries to ready herself for what comes next and when Max sexually assaults her she strikes back. She runs, first to a Buddhist Temple in Denver. There she learns martial arts and becomes fit. She tries to live a Buddhist lifestyle but she is being chased by Max’s associates, in search of money Bridget has taken. When they find her, she again runs to Washington D.C where she meets Lionel, who becomes the love of her life. Then she runs to Paris, she learns French, makes friends, and attends college. All seem to be going well until Lionel is taken and Bridget must decide to try and save him or accept that she has gotten the only one who has ever loved her, killed.

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain tells the story of Faith Ellis, a 34 year old woman, stuck in a menial job and an unhappy marriage. Faith finds that her husband is wanted by the police.  Worse, as she examines her situation, she discovers that he has involved her in a series of crimes. In order to save her marriage, warn her husband and extract herself from her legal problems, she hides from the police and looks for her husband. The more she learns, the more she becomes concerned about her marriage and the man she has chosen to love. She meets a series of characters, most notably Gerald, a web designer, for whom she discovers a new kind of love. Together, they must rise above their inadequacies to unravel Faith from trouble and save the life of a young girl who has become more important to Faith, than her marriage, or even herself. 


You will find your life on the other side of your fears.