• Is the image of Cripple Creek, Colorado accurate?
    • No! It is entirely made up. I picked the location because it fit with the trip Danny was to take both in therms of geography and distance. I understand there isn't even a high school there. Only the overlook, where he and Jennifer found themselves, is real. 
  • Is the motorcycle that Danny purchased real?
    • Yes, I rode tested one like it. I eventually purchased a Harley and then a Ducati. Here is the Wikipedia link for Danny's bike:  
    • He had the 1100cc model. 
  • How about the hotel in Pasadena? Is it real? May I stay there?
    • The hotel is a modified representation of a hotel where I stayed, many times, in Pasadena. I eventually lived in the city, just down Colorado Boulevard, from the hotel. Sadly, the hotel was demolished and is, now, long gone.  
  • Did you model the characters after any particular person? 
    • Yes, I had several people in mind for Danny but most recently I've imagined him to resemble a friend, Jonathan Berry. Jonathan is, now, much older, about the age Danny is in the third novel of the series, Girl in Flight.